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MFH Maschinen Support

Preventive maintenance with MFH machine support saves time and money.


That’s what maintenance is all about.

We at MFH Maschinen Support originally come from the traditional machine tool industry of the north of Munich. During the last years we could gain worldwide experience in the automotive industry and its suppliers. After all, we have always wanted the greatest possible satisfaction for our customers. Reliability, adherence to delivery dates and quality are our top priorities. Machines and production plants have undergone enormous technical development in recent years. This has made it difficult to determine the condition of individual components and their remaining service life.

Due to the strong competition on the market and rising real estate prices, more and more small, compact and space-saving variants are being chosen for the construction. For this reason, the installed components usually run at the load limit. Their service life is reduced accordingly. In contrast, all this can be prevented with a proper maintenance plan. That is why we are happy to support you with our many years of experience!

01. Competencies

Always be one step ahead with MFH Maschinen Support. Finally you protect yourself with our preventive maintenance against unplanned breakdowns of the production plants. This of course also extends the service life of your machines.

Our services are:

  • Maintenance of machines & plants according to maintenance schedule

  • Creation of maintenance plans

  • Repair of machines & equipment

  • Support in the installation and commissioning of machines and plants at the end customer’s site

  • Support with the application techniques gear grinding and gear honing

  • Testing and maintenance of ladders and steps according to DGUV

  • Internal relocation of machinery and equipment or other equipment

  • Changing safety glass

  • Courier service for spare parts

  • Initial and repeat tests on electrical systems and equipment in accordance with the German DEGUV V3

Benefit from our accumulated experience in:
Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Hungary, Slovakia, Spain, Austria, Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, India, USA and Mexico!

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02. Certificates

Certificate DIN ISO 9001:2015

The DIN ISO 9001:2015 certificate is one of the most important in the quality management system. Therefore we are proud to present you this certificate as part of our company.

Certificate for testing ladders and steps

Through our further training in the area of ladders and steps we can advise you optimally in this respect. Our knowledge ranges from legal basics to maintenance and testing.

Certificate for initial and repeat tests on electrical systems and equipment

The further training in the area of initial and repeat tests on electrical systems and equipment makes it possible for us to advice optimally in this respect. Our knowledge ranges form norms and laws to several tests and measurements in this area.

03. Advantages

Reduction of downtime

Improvement of plant and machine availability

Maximisation of the service life of machines and plants

Reduction of disturbances

Optimization of operational processes

Increase of operational safety

Reduction of production costs

Cost planning reliability

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Our Partners

Quality without compromise

KERN is your international partner for spindle repair, spindle consulting and all spindle services necessary for the reliable and safe operation of your turning, grinding or milling spindle.

In the field of tools and machining our partner is Hermann Tooling Concept.

We start exactly where the process still has reserves. Through a detailed analysis, in a “complete process view”, we make your process steps transparent, which cost YOUR money every day!
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MFH Maschinen Support-Team-Alexander Melka
Alexander Melka

Head of Technical Sales

Industrial foreman metal
Application Technology Gearhone Specialized in Gleason.
Application Technology Gear Grinding Specialized in Gleason.
MFH Maschinen Support-Team-Klaus Fischer
Klaus Fischer

Maintenance Manager

Occupational safety specialist
MFH Maschinen Support-Team-Alexander Hupfeld
Alexander Hupfeld

Head of Repair

Industrial foreman metal
Application Technology Gearhone Specialized in Gleason.
Application Technology Gear Grinding Specialized in Gleason.

Industriemechaniker/ Mechatroniker

  • Electronics technician, mechatronics technician, industrial mechanic or comparable qualification
  • Experience in maintenance
  • A high level of technical expertise
  • Reliability and diligence